You don’t need to shop around for insurance

Don’t spend all day looking for the best rates and coverage.

1. Adams, an independent insurance agent, has affiliations with a variety of insurance carriers.

We will compare prices and coverage for you, no need to spend time doing it yourself. Think of all of the ice cream sundaes you could make, all of the parks you could visit, or puppies you could play with in the time you’ll save!

 2. We offer multiple types of insurance.

Others only offer car or life. You can get almost any insurance you need with Adams, making your whole package of insurance more affordable.

 3. Forget the hassle.

Shopping around means talking to more people – wasting time trying to figure out answers. We’ll talk to those people for you and get you the best rates WITH the coverage that you need.

 4. Long-term customer service.

Since we offer multiple types of insurance, you can develop a long-term relationship with us. If rates change that aren’t in your favor, we’ll work to find a company that better suits your needs. We look forward to building a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.

At Adams we’re ultimately looking to save you time and money, while building a lasting relationship with our clients. If this is what you want out of your insurance company, give us a call.