Captive vs. Independent Agent

Captive Agent

This person only works for one insurance company. They are paid by that single company with either salary + commissions or just commissions. They may be an independent contractor or a full-time employee. These agents typically have in-depth knowledge of their own company and can answer a vast array of questions regarding it, but cannot help those who either don’t qualify for that company’s products or doesn’t need what they have to offer. These agents may be pushed to meet a sales quota, which can sometimes mean that sales are in the best interest of the agent and not the client.

Independent Agent

This agent represents several different insurance companies. They are independent from the companies they sell for, and can therefore evaluate different options to give the client the best plan to suit their needs. This allows the agent to truly look out for the best interest of the customer. It also allows the client to maintain a relationship with the agent, so they grow to know and trust them. If a company takes actions that affect the customer negatively (raise rates), then the agent can simply place the customer’s policies elsewhere.

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